Rules of Ultimate governed by the World Flying Disc Federation

16. Continuation after a Call

  1. 16.1. Whenever a foul or violation call is made, or a player attempts to stop play in any way, play stops immediately and no turn over is possible (unless in situations specified in 15.9, 16.2, and 16.3).
  2. 16.2. If a foul or violation:
  3. 16.2.1. is called against the thrower and the thrower attempts a pass, or
  4. 16.2.2. is called by the thrower during the act of throwing, or
  5. 16.2.3. is called or occurs when the disc is in the air,
  6. then play continues until possession has been established.
  7. 16.2.4. Once possession has been established:
  8. If the team that called the foul or violation gains or retains possession as a result of the pass, the play stands. Play can continue without a stoppage if the player who made the foul or violation call makes a “Play on” call as soon as possible.
  9. If the team that called the foul or violation does not gain or retain possession as a result of the pass, play must be stopped.
  10. If the team that called the foul or violation believes that possession has been affected by the foul or violation, the disc will be returned to the thrower for a check (unless the specific rule says otherwise).
  11. 16.3. Regardless of when any call is made, if the players involved from both teams agree that the event or call did not affect the outcome, the play stands. This rule is not superseded by any other rule.
  12. 16.3.1. If the play resulted in a goal, the goal stands.
  13. 16.3.2. If the play did not result in a goal the affected players may make up any positional disadvantage caused by the event or call and restart play with a check.

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