Rules Accreditation Officially Approved Rules Knowledge

The WFDF Rules Accreditation process for the Rules of Ultimate 2017 is designed to allow players to demonstrate that they have read and understood the Rules of Ultimate.
There are two types of Accreditation:


WFDF Accreditation - Standard

For all types of players (including those who have not played a game)

WFDF Accreditation - Advanced

For experienced players only


Accreditation Registry

Players who successfully complete the quiz will be issued with a certificate. You can review your past results, and re-download a copy of your certificate here (Note: this only applies to accreditation undertaken since 18 April 2017). You can also find out your User ID number by clicking on "My Account" in the top right corner. A register of people who are Rules Accredited is updated each month and is available here:

WFDF Accreditation Registry

Note: Accreditation based on the 2013 rules became invalid after 1 April 2017


Accreditation Requirements

Tournament Directors and League Directors are encouraged to require players on each team to be Rules Accredited. This could include requiring all players to have the Standard Accreditation and for half the players on each team to have the Advanced Accreditation.

Important note regarding Rules Accredited players:

  • They have the same responsibilities on the field as every other player
  • They do not release a Captain from their responsibility to ensure their team upholds the Spirit of the Game
  • They do not replace the requirement for each player to learn and apply the rules and play with good Spirit

Rules Accreditation Contacts