Rules of Ultimate governed by the World Flying Disc Federation

14. Scoring

  1. 14.1. A goal is scored if an in-bounds player catches a legal pass and all of their first simultaneous points of contact after catching the disc are entirely within their attacking end zone (note 12.1, 12.2).
  2. 14.1.1. If a player believes a goal has been scored they may call “goal” and play stops. After a contested or retracted goal call play must restart with a check and the call is deemed to have been made when the pass was caught.
  3. 14.2. If a player in possession of the disc ends up with their selected pivot behind the attacking goal line without scoring a goal according to 14.1, the player establishes the pivot at the nearest point of the goal line.
  4. 14.3. The time at which a goal is scored is when the disc is caught and the player in possession is in contact with the end zone.