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Number of players correction

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1 year 6 months ago #1725 by carbohm
Number of players correction was created by carbohm
The appendix says that:

B1.6. If a point has commenced and a team does not have exactly seven (7) people playing the
point, or does not have the correct gender ratio, then the opposition may call a violation
and stop play, or the infringing team may use a time-out to address the issue (as per Rule
B1.6.1. The infringing team must choose which of their player(s) will be removed/added. If
players are being added, the opposition may make the same number of substitutions
to their team.
B1.6.2. If a violation is called, the opposition must choose either to restart play as if a timeout had been called (as per Rule 20.4), or to restart the point.
B1.6.3. If a violation of B1.6 is called after a goal has been scored and prior to the ensuing
pull, the opposition may choose to nullify the goal and restart the point.

So, imagine an scenario where team A only has 6 players on field ( and the other players are late, so there are no substitutions available). Team B has a lot of players, and in each point they use their 7 players. Team A scores a goal. According to rule B1.6.3 team B could ask for a restart of the point, but this would be highly unfair to team A, which scored even having less players. Maybe I suggest modifying B1.6.3 to be used only in case when the infringing team has MORE than 7 players, rather than "not exactly 7". Or am I missinterpreting the rules???

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1 year 6 months ago #1727 by rueben
Replied by rueben on topic Number of players correction
Yes, Team B could call a violation and restart the point as per B.1.6.3.

But as per Rule 1.3.8, they should only call that violation if it made a difference to the outcome.

So if Team B didn't even notice, and it didn't impact the goal, then it should stand.
But if Team B was confused playing defence because they could not match up correctly, then it did affect the outcome.

However if Team B knew beforehand that Team A had the incorrect number of players, they cannot wait until the end of the point to call the violation, as per Rule 15.8.

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