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7.11 - pulls that roll out of the endzone - where to start play

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1 month 6 days ago #1589 by seamus
According to 7.11 - a pull that rolls out the back or side of the endzone must be put into play at the central zone (unless it's a 'touched pull' as per 7.11.1). This is a rule that surprises some players. Many players expect to have the choice to either come to the central zone, or to play quickly from the point where the disc rolled out (especially if a rolling pull just barely touches the sideline not far into the endzone). Is there a reason that the thrower doesn't have the choice here? The travel call against players that don't know this rule really slows the game. That stoppage could be eliminated by giving the thrower the choice of where to play.

The disadvantage is that the defense would not be able to definitively indicate where the pivot point should be. Would this lead to more travel calls? I'm not sure, but in the case of chasing a pull, the defense is unlikely to have a good perspective to make such a call.

Note: Rule 13.8 - on where to establish a pivot on an out-of-bounds turnover, specifies it must be the central zone. So here, again, if a disc rolls out the side of the endzone, you can't play it quickly from where it went out (although the desire to play quickly is less, considering the defense is much closer after a turnover than after a rolling pull). I think consistency across these two rules is useful - it makes them easier to remember. Although I've thought less about this situation and any potential downsides to a rule change.

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