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Consider combining disc space, wrapping, and straddle marking violations

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1 year 3 months ago #1529 by Tunisia
In general, marking violations are complicated. They are to be called by a thrower under time pressure, with a mark, while trying to find throwing options; keeping 6 infraction names and definitions in mind while doing so is difficult (next to impossible for a player of lesser experience). Rules which are too complicated to enforce at entry levels of play foster learning environments where rules are routinely ignored; the necessity of spending several training sessions per season purely to drill people on calling infractions "feels" counter to SotG.

In USAU, disc space, wrapping, and straddle are combined into "disc space" with little to no loss in fidelity to the spirit of the rule (that one should not straddle, wrap, or come within a disc space of the opponent). The only practical difference to the game is that people have to stand 10in further from the pivot/torso, which isn't a huge problem.

Given that alignment between USAU and WFDF is generally a good thing, and that making rules simpler and more specific improves self-officiation, this seems like a great candidate for a change.

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