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Calling "Travel" Infractions is less competitive

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3 months 4 days ago #2763 by pfriesch
I find travel infractions extremely hard to call well without compromising my defense.

A thrower has a significant advantage by draging the pivot food to step around the mark. Or shuffleing ones feed in order to moving ones center of mass around helps to pivot faster.

On the other hand, when I play defense and pay attention to the pivot food, I am compromising my own mark. Either because I can't pay attenttion to the surroundings/downfield, if I check how people stop. Or my mark is worse, since I can't pay attention were the thrower looks at/how the upper body is position if I look at the feed.

That makes calling travel often the less competitive strategy. I find this issue more prononced the more competitive the level is. E.g. when break throws are more important or give and goes are more fast paced.

I find that annoying, since I feel like I need to learn to travel to improve my level, but it also feels like contradicting the core spirit of the game. I also made the experiance that making people aware of their tendency to travel does not improve it, even if they agree that it happens. Feet movements are usually very subconcious movements that are learned as mucle memory. So they are not necessarly intentional rule breaches, but rather a learned exploit/tolerance of the rules.

I don't know what an appropriate change to the rules could be to prevent this. Offside has a similar issue. There it is allowed to have help from the sideline to suggest a call, but it is still up to the players to act on it. A similar addition could be added to the rules for travel infractions.
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