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Throwing while running

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2 months 4 days ago #1798 by beliar34
Throwing while running was created by beliar34

concerning the changes to points 18.2.2. and 18.2.1.:

If I understand these changes correctly, they result in a new type of legal play: Two players can pass the disc back and forth between them without needing to stop or even check whether they maintain ground contact during the throw.
Of course, in a typical match situation, they will not be able to do that for long due to interfering defenders. The above scenario is more to "check" if I interpret the rules correctly.

I think these rule-changes are a nice idea and I assume they are meant to remove game-flow-breaking "Travel"-calls that were sometimes made when two handlers played a similar play-style as described above. In the old rules, they had to be very careful to reduce their speed after catching, maintain ground contact during their throwing motion etc., so there was always something to base a travel-call on. And even if the travel was retracted, flow was broken.

However, I see a new possible problem with the rules as they are now written:
After catching a disc I can now legally keep my speed (provided that I plan to pass within my next two steps).
If I, for whatever reason, re-decide to not throw, I will now need to establish a pivot.
This pivot is now not at the place it should have been since I started reducing my speed "too late".
So I am kinda in an illegal position without doing anything illegal?
Should I call a Travel on myself and move to a position closer to where I caught the disc?

I hope my text is understandable, I am not a native English-speaker.
Thank you.

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2 months 4 days ago #1799 by rueben
Replied by rueben on topic Throwing while running
If a player does not slow down after a catch, and does not release the pass before 3 ground contact, that is a travel.
It does not matter if they changed their mind about throwing quickly.
But only an opponent can call the travel infraction - a player should never call it on themselves.

Hope that helps.

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