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Can I call dangerous play on an opponent for endangering their own teammate?

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1 week 5 days ago #1861 by wpchen
My question: if my opponent makes a dangerous play that endangers his teammate but does not endanger any of my teammates, can I still call a dangerous play foul against him?

The reason I'm finding the rules ambiguous is that 17.1.1 defines dangerous play using the phrase "fellow players" instead of "opposing players":

Actions demonstrating reckless disregard for the safety of fellow players, or posing significant risk of injury to fellow players,...

This use of "player" instead of "opponent" is also present in the annotation for 17.1.1:

The following are non-exhaustive examples of dangerous play:
• significantly colliding with a mostly stationary opponent,
• jumping into a group of mostly stationary players,
• diving around or through a player that results in contact with a player's back or legs,

But, on the other hand, 15.1 is pretty clear in limiting a foul to contact between opposing players:

A breach of the rules due to non-minor contact between two or more opposing players is a foul.

15.1 suggests that jumping into a group of stationary teammates is not a dangerous play foul, at direct odds with the 17.1.1 annotation.

Many thanks in advance!

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