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Continuation after pick

2 months 3 weeks ago #1858 by Marah
Continuation after pick was created by Marah
We had a situation where a pick was called and then a pass was made. The thrower/marker and the two players involved in the catch all didn’t hear the pick so agreed that the pass was not affected by the call. Another defender downfield said that they would have been in a different position had they not stopped for the pick. They didn’t think they would have had a play on the pass that occurred, but they would be better positioned to defend the next pass (although as there has been a couple of seconds they weren’t 100% sure where that would be). Does this count as having affected the outcome of the play? Ie should the result be:
1) the disc is returned to the thrower
2) the disc remains where it is and play resumes
3) the disc remains where is it and the defender can attempt to make up any ground lost due to stopping for the call?

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