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[16.3] Travel called against offense, turnover on subsequent pass

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5 days 21 hours ago - 5 days 21 hours ago #1681 by julianbu

suppose player A passes the disc downfield to player B. There is a travel called on player A by the marker C. While all other players (besides A and C) are still unaware of the call, a huck attempt by player B results in a turnover.

I'm not sure what to do here and I'm not even sure what would be in the spirit of the rule here.
I think, that if marker C honestly thinks the travel did not affect the play the turnover should stand, if it was a legimate travel the disc should come back to player A.
Bonus: Could player A claim that the travel did affect his throw and force it to come back?

Thanks in advance!
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3 days 8 hours ago #1685 by rueben
16.3 definitely applies here. If Player B does not think the travel call affected the play, then the turnover should stand.
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