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10.4.1 “Delay of Game” for a check

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7 months 2 weeks ago #1587 by Justino
Second interpretation post today, seven games in two days provide a lot of opportunities to learn!

Interpretation 10.3 “Delay of Game” for a check (10.4.1)
An unnecessary delay includes discussing team tactics (who is guarding whom, who should attempt to catch the next pass). A discussion to resolve the outcome of a call is not an unnecessary delay

As soon as the call is resolved and players are correctly positioned, both teams should begin play. It's understandable that the defense shouldn't take the opportunity to assign positions in a zone on the fly, but the gist of the rule and interpretation are more about the delay than the discussion, correct?

As examples, the marker can clarify "force backhand" before counting the disc in and the the thrower can yell "vertical stack" before presenting the disc, because these do not produce "unnecessary delays".

The latest rage locally is for teams point to this interpretation to explain that it's against the rules to discuss strategy during a stoppage (even for players on the sideline to communicate with their players not involved in the discussion/play). But by our reading, this interpretation refers more to the actual delay of play and hence the time spent discussing strategy, not the actual content of the discussion.

1.3.8. only make a call where a breach is significant enough to make a difference to the outcome of the action.

Rule 1.3.8 should probably apply here, as clarifying the force, or saying who should be the next cut are quick interjections and do not represent significant breaches or delays.

As a second part, is the verbal warning in 10.4.1 per instance, or per game? Obviously, once warned a team should try to avoid repeating the delay. But if they again cause a delay in the same game (same or different player), is the verbal warning necessary again or can the marker call "Disc In" immediately?

10.4.1. If there is an unnecessary delay in checking the disc in, the opposition may give a verbal warning (“Delay of Game”) and, if the delay continues, they may check the disc in by calling “Disc In”, without verification from the opposition.


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7 months 2 weeks ago #1591 by rueben
Replied by rueben on topic 10.4.1 “Delay of Game” for a check
If all players have returned to the correct position after a stoppage, then play should not be delayed by a player saying "force backhand" or "vertical stack".
But if players are still getting into position, that is fine.

The verbal warning is per instance, not per game. If this a repeated issue, then captains/spirit captains should talk about it on the sideline.

Hope that helps.
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