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Which is correct?

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10 months 4 days ago #1504 by FakeYTUPhoenix
Which is correct? was created by FakeYTUPhoenix
Hi all, I had a discussion with my friend about the stall in infraction positions. As she says only point that's true is last uttered stall number, and for me it's last uttered with legit positioning. Let's go on an example, my mark comes to me and starts stall with fast count from the beginning. He counts till stall 7 in 2 seconds so I call the mark infraction as stall infraction(fast count) at his stall 7 but I point the stall 0 with my call. My call is like there is a mark infraction at from stall 0 so I ask him to start the stall from stall(0-1) still stall 0. So for me it's a infraction not violation yet because it's for first time in the same action and call is for the beginning of the action it doesn't matter if I able to report the call at stall 7 with fast count, he shouldn't start counting from stall 6 ? Let's give another example, my mark starts marking with no disc space and also starts the stall count I know he has no legit marking on me by the starting of the count and I try to avoid body touches and try to have a space to give call during this action I'm able to give the call at stall 4 and I point the beginning of action by my call (stall 0). It is obvious that the counted stall with no illegal positioning is not valid. In my friends opinion I give the call at stall 4 so that it should start from stall 3. The rule says 18.1.4. The marker may not resume counting until any illegal positioning has been corrected. To do otherwise is a subsequent marking infraction. I interpret this as the count made with illegal positioning can not be valid. Calls are for pointing a illegal acts, right? If there is a legal mark till stall 5 and there is an infraction on stall 6 and the time I give the call at stall 7-8 because I disturbed by the mark. My call is for the infraction made at stall 6 and the stall count should start from stall 5 ? Not (-1) of stall 7or 8 ? Also she says ' then call a violation instead of infraction'.

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10 months 4 days ago - 10 months 4 days ago #1505 by rueben
Replied by rueben on topic Which is correct?
If the marker counts to 7 in 2 seconds, then you should call a violation as that is clearly an egregious marking infraction and you should explain to them what SOTG is.

For a marker who starts with an illegal position, if you are aware that they have been marking illegally the whole time, then you should not wait until stall 6 to call the infraction (see rule 15.8 ). If you notice at stall 6, and then call the infraction, the stall count can only be dropped by 1, unless you call a violation.
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