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Making a play on the disc

When the disc is in the air and a player is attempting to make contact with the disc in any way e.g. to catch it or block it. This includes the process of running towards the place they expect to make contact with the disc.


The defensive player who may call the stall count on the thrower.


Any person, including a team member, who is not currently a player.

Offensive player

A player whose team is in possession of the disc.

Out-of-bounds (OB)

Everything that is not part of the playing field, including the perimeter lines.

Perimeter lines

Lines separating the central zone or end zone from the out-of-bounds area. They are not part of the playing field.


To move in any direction while keeping a part of the body in contact with a single point on the playing field, called the pivot point.

Pivot point

The point on the playing field where the thrower is required to establish a pivot after a turnover, after the pull, after a time-out, after leaving the central zone, or where a pivot has already been established. A thrower may not have established a pivot point if they have not come to a stop and have not pivoted.


The time after the Pull has commenced and prior to the scoring of a goal. Play may further stop due to a call, in which case play is restarted with a check.


One of the up to fourteen (14) persons who are actually participating in the current point of play.

Playing Field

The area including the central zone and the end zones, but excluding the perimeter lines.

Possession of the disc

Sustained contact with, and control of, a non-spinning disc. To catch a pass is equivalent to establishing possession of that pass. Loss of possession due to ground contact related to a pass reception negates that player's possession up to that point. A disc in the possession of a player is considered part of that player. The team whose player is in possession or whose players may pick up the disc is considered the team in possession.


The throw from one team to the other that starts play at the beginning of a half or after a goal. The pull is not considered a legal pass.


All offensive players other than the thrower.

Stoppage of play

Any halting of play due to a foul, violation, discussion, injury or time-out that requires a check to restart play.


A disc in flight following any throwing motion, including after a fake attempt and an intentionally dropped disc, that results in loss of contact between the thrower and the disc. A pass is the equivalent of a throw.


The offensive player in possession of the disc, or the player who has just thrown the disc prior to when the result of the throw has been determined.

Throwing motion

The throwing motion is the motion that transfers momentum from the thrower to the disc in the direction of flight and results in a throw. Pivots and wind-ups are not part of the act of throwing.


Any event resulting in a change of the team in possession. A turnover is not considered a violation.

Where the disc stops

Refers to the location where a disc is caught, comes to rest naturally, or where it is stopped from rolling or sliding.

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