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10. The Check

  1. 10.1. Whenever play stops during a point for a time-out, foul, violation, contested turnover, specified turnover, contested goal, technical stoppage, injury stoppage, or discussion, play must restart as quickly as possible with a check. The check may only be delayed for the discussion of a call.
  2. 10.2. Player positioning after a call (except in the case of a time-out, and unless specified otherwise):
    1. 10.2.1. If play stops before a pass is thrown, all players must return to the location they held when the call was made.
    2. 10.2.2. If play stops after a pass is thrown, then:
    3. if the disc is returned to the thrower, all players must return to the location they held when the thrower released the disc, or the time of the call, whichever is earlier.
    4. if the result of the play stands all players must return to the location they held when either the pass was caught, or the disc hit the ground.
    5. if a player other than the thrower gains possession as a result of an uncontested breach, all players must return to the location they held when the breach occurred.
    6. 10.2.3. All players must remain stationary in that location until the disc is checked in.
  3. 10.3. Any player may briefly extend a stoppage of play to fix faulty equipment (“equipment”), but active play may not be stopped for this purpose.
  4. 10.4. The person checking the disc in must first verify with the nearest opposition player that their team is ready.
    1. 10.4.1. If there is an unnecessary delay in checking the disc in, the opposition may give a verbal warning (“Delay of Game”) and, if the delay continues, they may check the disc in by calling “Disc In”, without verification from the opposition.
  5. 10.5. To restart play:
  6. 10.5.1. when the thrower has the disc:
  7. if there is a defender within reach, the defender must touch the disc.
  8. if there is not a defender within reach, the thrower must touch the disc to the ground and should call “Disc In”.
  9. 10.5.2. when the disc is on the ground, the defender nearest to the disc must call “Disc In”.
  10. 10.6. If the thrower attempts a pass before the check, or a violation of 10.2 is called, the pass does not count regardless of whether it is complete or incomplete, and possession reverts back to the thrower.

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