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4. Point, Goal and Game

  1. 4.1. A game consists of a number of points.  Each point ends with the scoring of a goal.
  2. 4.2. A game is finished and won by the first team to score fifteen (15) goals.
  3. 4.3. A game is separated into two (2) periods of play, called halves.  Half time occurs when a team first scores eight (8) goals.
  4. 4.4. The first point of each half starts when the half starts.
  5. 4.5. After a goal is scored, and the game has not been won or half time has not been reached:
  6. 4.5.1. the next point starts immediately;
  7. 4.5.2. the teams switch the end zone that they are defending; and
  8. 4.5.3. the team that scored becomes defence and pulls next.
  9. 4.6. A variation of the basic structure may be used to accommodate special competitions, number of players, age of players or available space.

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